The Golden Ratio

The Golden Ratio, a concept I was first introduced to in my high school pre-calculus class, by my favorite math teacher Mrs. Illesley (if you’re reading this forgive me for the spelling..), from Great Britain with her lovely accent. Well before absolutely loving this concept and its connection to nature, my fave subjects as a child were always math and art. People around me had never heard of such a combination of fine art, bio, chem, physics and math for a combination of subjects; usually students just took all sciences or math with business courses, or all art courses. People found math and art contradictory to each other. The golden ratio is the perfect explanation for such an anomaly: art requires us to learn to draw in proportions, and recognize patterns, only because proportions and patterns are present in nature, in the most abstract presentation. In a class for the architectural science program, we learned more about the golden ratio and how it was the essence of the construction of a snail’s shell, even though we don’t see it happen, nor does the snail think of it when making something cozy to sleep in.

A professor said that architects use this (the golden ratio) all the time in their building designs, and I believe it: the studies we learned about stated that marketers have found that containers and bottles made using these ratios (length = golden ratio * width, etc.) are more appealing visually and physically (to hold, for instance). This is following the science that the fingers-to-palm ratio also includes the golden ratio, just like every limb in our body, and just from using this magic number in our calculations we can create a self-portrait, head-to-toe, just by measuring yourself, and you’d have created a clone of yourself on paper. It works! Of course, the person who came up with the “Vitruvian man” and “paint by numbers” also had similar epiphanies, like many others, for which I might be sounding like I ownzzz it. I apologize; I don’t intend to. I just LOVE the concept and integration of math and art that people seem to, so often, overlook. And I want to bring more light to these aspects and show them in the context of real life; through this blog and my paintings, I will attempt to share my inspiration for life with all y’all.


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