Captivated – by a firey Jupiter. .. again

IMG-20150713-WA0000 A poem written by a friend – it is about himswlf being the object of desire for some one he met.. quite creative I must say, as far as perspectives go.

When I read it I recalled the painting I had made of Jupiter called “captivated” or “captivating void”. Though my painting was about a completely non-sexual, mental state of clarity, it depicts the same powerful sense of captivation as the Majid Kaisrani’s poem talks about here.

The red firey nature of Jupiter is much talked about in astrological literature in a romantic light, as well, so I thought it goes well together.

There is also the element of one moment of  clarity that hits you when for a while you’ve been swimmung with other objects taht dont make as much sense, in the painting.

Bravo Majid on a very well developed poem!



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